Hyrule Warriors Zelda Skirt Pattern

For my Hyrule Warriors Zelda cosplay the skirt was particularly puzzling. The curved hem of the skirt doesn’t allow for a direct transfer of the gold designs, it has to warp to the curve without looking like it’s warped! Tricky stuff.

Here is the pattern I used for my skirt. Now this was made with my proportions in mind, for anyone who isn’t my same size some scaling will need to be done, but the proportions I used should be a good starting point for anyone.
This pattern piece should be cut on a fold.

I started with my base skirt completely sewn, hemmed and finished, then airbrushed the fabric using plain-old Rit Dye that had been watered down.

To warp the gold pattern along the skirt each piece of the design has to be individually stenciled.

Hyrule Warriors Zelda Skirt Pattern

The full size stencil image can be downloaded HERE.
I cut a stencil of each separate design element and used them to align the pieces in relation to each other and conform to the skirt shape.

Once the design is drawn out how you like it, you can paint it in. For my skirt I used Speedball gold screen printing ink like paint. I chose the screen printing ink since it is meant for use on fabric and wouldn’t crack or chip off with wear.

It took a lot of time, but the end results were worth it!

IMG_1871 copy



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