The Making of Falsetto 2 – Sleeves and Other Details


Here is the second post on the making of my Falsetto cosplay! The first part, which covers the making of the coat base can be found [here]!

The sleeves were most definitely the single most time consuming element of this costume. Patterning them was simple enough, but each sleeve is comprised of 14 separate pieces!The lantern sleeve shape was achieved by sewing together these two large pieces to make an outer sleeve. The outer sleeve was attached at the arm with an inner sleeve, which was shaped as a normal sleeve would be, and stuffing all the space in between the two sleeve pieces.

IMG_1130The sleeve panes were essentially just tubes made from velvet. I sewed 20 feet of pearl trim to the edges by hand; it was one of those projects that was tedious but enjoyable in it’s simplicity. 


All the raised details on the belt and the belt buckle were made from thin cardboard. It was as simple as cutting out the shapes and then lightly scoring all the lines before folding them. The base of the belt buckle is Wonderflex wrapped around a craft foam base. The cardboard I used was only a little thicker than a cereal box and when painted gold the texture actually seems metal like.   

IMG_1123 20140730_120636 20140725_204119

The giant bell was lots of fun to make. It was my first project involving Worbla and it was amazing to see how flexible and versatile a material it is. I started by wrapping it around a giant Styrofoam ball. Then using an Exacto knife and Dremel I cut out the bell details. After I sanded a primed the surface I was able to dig all the Styrofoam out and was left with the hollow shape. To get it to ring when I moved and walked I stuffed a real bell inside and tied it up at the top when I attached the bow.

20140723_132150 20140730_180845Bell

I wish I had some shots of how I made the shoes and bracers but I forgot to take photos as I finished them very last minute the day before the convention.

Please let me know what you think of these posts! I know these first two were a little sparse but I covered a lot of the things I was searching google for in the beginning myself!

Thanks for reading!